Approved Ban Appeal


Name of banned character(s): FreakoWs (not too sure)

Have you been banned before? If yes, please link the previous thread: NO

Did you deserve the ban? (Yes/No):YES

If yes, which rules did you break?: HACKING

Were you using a third party/external program while playing the game?:YEs

If yes, which ones?:
Cheat Engine

Why should we give you another chance?:

I did enjoy playing this version of private server and was genuinely curious to how robust the anti-hack system is (which is pretty strong :p)
I do see myself investing more time and money in this game and to stop attempting to hack which will be a win win scenario for everyone.
Hope to get unbanned other all's good.

Cheers mate


Sorry I don't really remember my IGN as it's normally created on a whim with no real meaning.

It should have happened on 7th October. I was attempting mouse vac, CS EAX vac, tubi loot and pet vac.


Game Master
You have been unbanned, although just to make sure you learned your lesson you will have to create a new account if you wish to play. There will be no more chances :oops:
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