Denied Ban appeal


Name of banned character(s) DLLORD

Have you been banned before? If yes, please link the previous thread:No

Did you deserve the ban? (Yes/No):NO

If yes, which rules did you break?:I dont know

Were you using a third party/external program while playing the game?:No only vpn to vote 3 times a day

If yes, which ones?:Windscribe

Why should we give you another chance?:

Right where I live the internet and sent via radio so it is not always a stable and good connection at the time I started taking several dcs it was one of those and as I had bought a vac item I couldn't go offline so I fell and reloged to try to farm and buy Heus’s timeless moonsteed I don’t know what rules I violated I relogated and when it was on the map that was Ulu city center I attacked and the mobs didn't even take damage because my connection was horrible I don't know if that was why they thought i was using something wrong but i wasn't playing on this server for only 2 weeks and i'm starting to get the hang of it now sorry sorry it seemed like i did something wrong but at the time in question i was just farming and angry from my internet I was online and tried to relog countless times before the total blockade while I attacked I also tried to negotiate with Heus who wanted a very high price for a boot 1 EES I know this is beside the point but I would ask you to get rid of me I want to go back to playing and uploading with my friends

Do you agree that if you break the rules again, you will be permanently banned afterwards with little to no chance of appeal?: i know


Are you sure you were just farming at the time and not using any 3rd party external program? Please tell the truth thanks


i'm telling the truth i wasn't using any kind of program and i was online all the time can you see the chat? i was talking to Heus and mrtheo5 about leech i wasn't using any kind of program
how can i prove it without any loophole


proof of this is that whenever my game goes down I relogate in less than a minute so I don't waste the time on the vac item


Head of Staff
You were banned for botting and the usage of a third party program called "MacroRecorder".

Please re-appeal in one week with the truth.