Approved Avenger buff


In-game name: asasino

Description of suggestion:
My main character is NL, and I use it both for farming and bossing. The farming ability of it is pretty low, but I’d rather farm with my main and improve it instead of starting and funding another class for the sole purpose of farming.

At the moment, I farm in vera (dark skelegons), using avenger skill, killing them with 4 hits, and gaining about 420 cs per hour.
Doing a simple math - once I will 3 hit them, the rate will be app. 560 cs per hour.
I don’t think that my farming abilities should yield the best profit, but I do believe it should use a slight buff to resemble the numbers that can be farmed by an equivalent mm/striker (which are 700-800 cs per hour with 3 hits kill).

Avenger deals dmg to 7 monsters per hit at the moment. My suggestion is to rise the number of monsters per skill use to 10 monsters, in order to bring the farming ability closer together (mathematically speaking, it will increase the number from 560cs to 700-800cs with 3 hits mob killing).

NL is a mid-end game class, which I’d love to keep farming with, and I do believe avenger deserves this slight boost.

Let me know what you think,


Yes agreed. Please buff Avenger. it is so weak ATM as compared to other classes, it is not fair and imbalance


Id rather see NW aoe get fixed or a shadower buff since NL already has a single target and taunt mule niche for bosses but if this is easier then sure. Luk having at least a semi viable farming option is important imo.


Adhering to the typical style of play of this server, I fully support the statements of Asasino. There is a need of buff for theif farming ability, especially for class like NW, which has no class identity at all. I suggest a quick solution to the NW farming skill, not only just to boost their farming ability, but at least give it a purpose to play.


I agree with you all about the NW job, but since Shavit had said several times that the solution regarding shadow shifter is really complex, I am trying to suggest a simple solution regarding avenger that will achieve the same goal.


I would like to add something -
the luk market is really low and slow (I guess it has something to do with the few thieves playing the game). It is almost impossible to sell luk items (unless its OP), and practically impossible to sell thief equipment, which led to ridiculous prices. In correlation to that, it is really hard to find fine thief equipment on the market, unless you scroll it yourself (but later you will barely be able to sell it).
I have talked to almost every known NL in the server, and they all shared with me the same feelings. I believe that the spoken buff to the avenger skill will really improve the situation.

p.s - the shortage on NLs has been affecting kerb as well, as I sometimes see crews desperately looking for taunt for hours! Sometimes without success.


Another kind of suggestion if the first one doesn’t work -
Make taunt a passive skill (which will work with avenger), hence increasing cs drop rate and balancing the farming ability.
+1 I think the avenger buff would be very useful. I used to main NL before I switched to a different class and they just weren't as strong as some of the other classes. I think another good buff would for them to have 100% crit with SE. Or maybe even 100% w/o SE, it seems like the only people that want NL is for taunt at kerb.


I like the idea about adding drop rate on avenger, well I actually like all ideias about thief buff/changes because I have seent 8-9 threads about thief buff/changes in last 2 months and nothing changes so any idea is better than the way it is.

But let's be real, just learn to play the game the way it is, If you really want to play thief, make a NL for kerb.

Let's stop with all this suggestions/dreams about thief class please, because if you expect any change you will get unmotivated and probably quit.