A solo player's handbook.


Welcome to my brief WindiaMS guide for the aspiring solo player! I will be discussing the basic game flow and strategy of the early to mid stages of the server and how you can best prepare for the challenges that lay ahead! There are a lot of goals to achieve on this server though it can be overwhelming to start fresh.

Section 1:
Starting Fresh with your 3 free character slots.
A very common question asked by new players is: "What class should I make first?" And the answer may or may not surprise you, ideally your first class should be Blaze Wizard and there are several reasons as to why that is.
  1. As a magician you have very little need for your secondary stat, Luck if any need at all.​
  2. The game flow for a Cygnus is much smoother than an explorer, given the lesser need to travel across the maple world for job advancement quests. And the lack of a need for a secret spell scroll or a fairly challenging double boss fight for your 4th job advancement on your first character.
  3. Cygnus knights do not need to pass skill or mastery books, allowing them to reach full power right away.
  4. Blaze Wizards get access to the skill Meteor Shower at level 110. 10 levels earlier than the other mages, but without the need to spend millions of mesos on mastery books to bring it up to speed. Allowing fast farming right out of the gate.
  5. They have an extremely easy 2nd and 3rd job. While the real Fire/Poison mage has an extremely rough 2nd job, Blaze Wizard gets quite a potent farming tool even as early as level 30 in the form of Fire Pillar
  6. They require no upfront investment, and their optimal weapons can be easily farmed by solo players. As Gachapon tickets are dropped by all mobs relatively regularly, acquiring an elemental wand is a fairly easy task. Several other pieces of gear can be obtained by this as well such as the Purple Adventurer Cape and the Archaeologist Glasses.

Now that you've made your character; how should you go about training it? If you voted while your client was downloading you should have 10,000 NX cash to spend. I recommend spending it the following way:
  1. The cheapest Pet you are willing to buy, Kino is a fairly good option for this though all pets are equal in functionality.
  2. Auto MP Potion An absolute necessity to get this pet equip. As meteor shower costs a whopping 6000 MP per cast having your pet automatically apply MP potions to your character is crucial to speeding up farming and keeping farming safe. Mages have relatively low HP so an Auto HP Potion isn't quite necessary quite yet. Allowing us to save money for..
  3. Meso Magnet and Item Pouch As you'll be spending your time farming for drops on this character, not needing to worry about looting the drops makes the game far less annoying to play.
  4. Lastly you should purchase at least one VIP Teleport Rock As this will allow you to save maps for future use.
1st Job
As you finish the tutorial and become a blaze wizard you should click on your Teleport Rock to Save the "Ereve" map then close out of it without teleporting anywhere, this will allow you to finish 3rd job advancement much faster. Do as many quests around Victoria island, as you can until you're level 30. The quests in Henesys are quite nice as the Green Mushroom monster has a chance to drop the Maple Llama Staff which will be the only weapon you need until you can get an Elemental Wand. Once you're ready return to Ereve by foot and do your second job advancement quest.

2nd Job
Once you've finished your second job advancement quest, you'll receive a quest named "Endangered Mushking Empire" that is our current goal. You will want to Fully complete this quest chain on this character. Quest completion gives you a small bonus to your attack and magic attack stats based on the highest amount of quests completed on a character. As you'll be doing it on this character to collect the monster book cards, you'll not need to fully complete it on future characters. Though it's highly recommended to loot 300 of each of the following items: Killer Mushroom Spores, Poison Mushroom Caps and, Intoxicated Pig Tails. Placing the extra 200 of those 3 slots in your character storage for later, using 100 of each to complete the quests on this character. A character who has all of the items ready right at level 30 can make the jump from 30-48 within the span of 3 minutes. So while you'll spend extra time now.. you'll save it in the long run. Once you've completed the quest chain you'll be around level 50; the perfect level for our next map. The Ghost Ship in Singapore accessed through Kerning City. specifically, Ghost Ship 2. The advantage of ghost ship 2 is that the mob that resides there drops Dark Crystal Ore of which you will need a Lot of going forward. Ghost Ship 2 grinding should take you all the way to level 70 and from there you'll want to type @Goto Elnath which will bring you all the way to El Nath instantly; You'll want to save this map as well. Enter the market place and speak to the NPC Vorgen and convert your Dark Crystal Ore into Dark Crystals. put all but 1 of them in your 4th and final storage spot for later use. Now is the time to Use the VIP Teleport rock to move to Ereve and do your third job advancement.

3rd Job
Welcome to the big leagues! You may have noticed that your stats might have sharply increased at level 70. That is because WindiaMS has a legion feature every 10 levels among all unique characters on your account will increase all of your base stats by 1% forever with no strings attached. Your character is counted towards your total level once they reach at least 70. This bonus starts to apply for all characters immediately and retroactively. Remember Singapore? We'll be headed back there now with a new target in mind. Vikerolas These monsters drop Scrolls for overall armor for int 10% which are insanely valuable not to you now, though later. It's best to stock up on as much of these as you're willing to stand as the exp is quite good here. Thankfully 3rd job is quite straightforward and the two maps you'll primarily be visiting are directly next to each other. It is heavily recommended to train in Singapore until at least level 110; 120 if you're patient to minimize backtracking in the future. If you wait until 120, 4th job can be done and you can use those skills to unlock your level 100 and 110 bonus skills Meteor Shower! and Infinity.

4th Job
Congratulations on becoming a Flame Master the highest tier of the blaze wizard job. It boasts incredible power at the time of writing this guide and we're going to put that power to good use right now. Leave Ereve and head in the direction of Leafre we're going to tackle the Neo City Questline now that we have the tools to slay large quantities of monsters with relative ease. While the helmet you get is fairly mediocre, the sheer volume of quests will help progress your account far faster than just levels would at this point. Once you've finished that it is time to head to The Nest of a Dead Dragon where we'll encounter the last monster we'll farm for any real amount of time on this character for now. Skelegons. Skelegons and Skelesaurus have a wide variety of solid equipment and mastery book drops which are handy to stockpile. Stockpile every Meso and special drop you can on this character up until you reach level 140. At that point you have two options.
  1. Return to Victoria Island and complete several of the extremely easy quests for easy boosts, collect monster cards for small stat bonuses when you complete full sets.​
  2. Create your next character and start stacking Legion Level.

I'm ready for my next character where do I go from here?

From here I would recommend making either the Dawn Warrior or the Dark Knight classes. Warriors scale very well and now that you have a solid foundation in legion levels a DEXless warrior should be incredibly easy. Remember to buy your Auto HP Potion pet item at this point! And remember that you can transfer cash shop items between all characters on the same account.

The primary advantage of Dawn Warrior now is the same as Blaze Wizard earlier, you don't have to travel far for your job advancements and your first 3 jobs are insanely easy. Though your post 120 will be just a little slower than Blaze wizard was.

The primary advantage of Dark Knight now is also quite similar, your 3rd job is ludicrously strong with the skill Dragon's Roar. being roughly on the same power level as Meteor Shower currently. Though you will need to travel to El Nath and Leafre for your job advancements, you will also need to pass mastery books for your 4th job skills but you can worry about that far later.

I would recommend making both classes, one after the other and stopping about at about the same level 140. This will grant you a whopping 420 legion level which equates to a 42% bonus in all stats. Nice.

I've used my 3 free character slots? Now what?
Now you'll have to spend NX cash on Additional Character Slot Coupons They cost 6,900 NX cash each and will allow you to further progress your account. Consider making a class you've been itching to make at this point, setting a goal for the server and getting your main character planned out. Decide what you want to do on this server and start working towards that goal slowly. You could consider Donating to the server to circumvent needing to buy character slots, as you can unlock all 30 additional character slots at once with credits. though this guide assumes you play entirely free to play.

You may wish to Build up some basic INT gear for your Blaze Wizard to further increase the effectiveness of your Legion Levels. This will make farming even easier and allow you to push each one of your characters just a little bit further. If you're still unsure of what class you'd like to main consider making an Ice/Lighting Archmage. At this point because it's another wonderful farming class that will have potential a little while later on.

I know what to spend my NX on now but.. voting points?
Currently the best use of Voting points is on a 2 hour item Vacuum. This wonderful item will automatically suck all items that you're able to loot into your inventory from any distance within the map using this item will show you the true power of mages here. Once you're able to one hit kill monsters with your Full map attack you'll be able to farm the major currency Chaos Scrolls No doubt you've found a ton of them by now. You can trade 100 of them for a Chaos scroll of goodness 50% or, COG for short. This is the item that most players tend to trade for or make offers in when selling high level gear. It may be tempting to use your chaos scrolls on gear early on or self scroll your items, but it's advised that you do not do this as COGs are far more valuable than basic gear unless you're extremely fortunate.

Itemization and you: a brief guide to the item systems.

Items in windiaMS universally have levels which will dramatically increase the stats of the item upon leveling up. At base, items have 5 levels but that cap can be further increased by using maple leaves acquired for 1.1 billion mesos at the flower NPCs in the free market. It's not recommended to drop that much money on anything other than items you're going to keep for the long term.

Item level up bonuses are determined by the stats currently on the item. This means that it's always best to scroll any item you wish to keep before you level it to maximize bonuses, or even grant new bonuses that wouldn't otherwise appear, such as W.Att on gloves and shields!

A common though costly strategy for self scrolling if you wish to go down that route is to use 10% scrolls for the weapons and stat you want on your armor pieces, while using White Scrolls to protect the items from losing slots. You can use the command @Whodrops or @WD then the name of the scroll to find out what monsters you'll need to farm for them.
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