Update 31/03/2020 - Server maintenance

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Server maintenance for 31/03/2020.
Starts at 17:00/5:00 PM UTC, expected downtime is up to 1 hour.
New game data files will be required. You can obtain them through the Windia Patcher.

Server changes:
  • ALL bugs are fixed. Every single damn bug in the game. If you see any bugs, it's in your imagination and you should see a doctor ASAP.
  • As I am applying massive optimizations and player count is increasing again, I have increased the channel count from 8 to 10. If the population seems to grow more similarly to the early January times, I'll increase it further.
  • Fixed unregistered expedition members showing up in the expedition damage list.
  • Optimized map storage by a lot.
  • Optimized skill/mastery books to be 5,338 times more efficient. No, the number is not a typo.
  • Optimized some of the concurrency logic that is leftover from the server emulator Windia is based on. Might cause issues but hopefully not -- I did limited testing.

Client changes:
  • Attempted to fix font issues for Windows 7 users. Don't know if it'll work because it's untested..

Additional notes:
  • There's issues with PayPal so credit purchases are disabled for now. Check back at another time.


Head of Staff
Staff changes:
  • All staff are your overlords now and expect coffee every 2:00 PM (PST). Iced.
Not open for further replies.