Update 28/03/2021 - Windia v84


Windia v84
Approximate time for the update to commence is 28/03/2021 - 12:00 (PM) UTC.
The server will enter maintenance mode 30 minutes prior to that.
Estimated downtime for this update is up to 6 hours. The update process itself is a matter of minutes; but for competitive reasons (Evan and content racing) we will do our best to allow all the players to download this massive patch's files in preparation so everyone can start playing at the same time.
The current patcher will become obsolete. A new sleek patcher will be available through the website during the update process.
This update is massive. It's an entire game version update (our first one!), there's a new job class, 3 new areas, 3 new equipment sets, balance changes, 2 new bosses, 2 new party quests, and many internal changes to our infrastructure as well. If there's any critical issue, we might have a hotfix maintenance, and possibly a rollback.

  • Added "EVAN" coupon code to our Selly shop! Use it to receive a 15% discount when shopping for Windia credits.
  • Easter event - details below.
  • Voting event (4 VP per vote) will stay active.

All of the event(s) above will stay active until 01/05/2021.

Dragon Master Evan

Dragon Master Evan is now a playable character. It counts for Maple Legion. Its starter job class ("Legend (Evan)") will not count towards your Legion levels as you automatically advance to 1st job.
Evan's cash books drop from monsters rather than purchased from the cash shop. Use the @whodrops <item name> command to find out. Same applies to the 9th/10th advancement skill books.
You get 3 SP from levels, none from quests. You gain SP up to level 225. SP can be used all the way from 1st job to 10th.
Evan gains HP like normal magicians. MP is being treated as if you have maxed out "Improved MaxMP Increase" skill.
Evan's questline has been implemented (thanks to Arnah) partially up to level 70. We chose to not implement the rest as it'd make the 250 quests achievement unfairly easy on Evan characters.
The job advancement process is simplified and Mir will automatically evolve as you reach the level goals (10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 80, 100, 120, 160).
Attack speed scales with your weapon and not only buffs unlike stock GMS v84.
Global buffs apply (Hero's Will has decreased cooldowns; buff durations increased to 300 seconds, buffed Nimble Feet)

Custom skill changes for Evan, compared to stock v84:
  • Blaze: Animation speed increased by 33%. Monsters hit: 6 -> 7. Attack count: 1 -> 2. Magic damage: 330 -> 210.
  • Blessing of the Onyx: Magic attack: 50 -> 80. Cooltime is removed at skill level 30.
  • Dark Fog: Magic damage: 750 -> 950. Cooltime: 20 seconds -> 7 seconds.
  • Dragon Fury: MP activation criteria: 50% <=> 80% -> 50% <=> 100%.
  • Fire Breath: Charge time is removed.
  • Flame Wheel: Animation speed increased by 33%. Monsters hit: 6 -> 7. Magic damage: 300 -> 350.
  • Ice Breath: Charge time is removed.
  • Illusion: Animation speed increased by 33%. Attack count: 4 -> 6. Magic damage: 130 -> 150.
  • Phantom Imprint: At max level, time: 5 seconds -> 60 seconds. The "Ghost Lettering" debuff can be applied on boss monsters.
  • Recovery Aura: At max level - Duration: 30 seconds -> 60 seconds. Cooltime: 60 seconds -> 90 seconds. In addition to MP recovery, also heals your character. Trigger interval: 2.5 seconds -> 7 seconds. Visual trigger effect is implemented.
  • Soul Stone: Applies to Evan and up to 2 random party members in range. Cooltime does not trigger if buff effect was not applied on anyone. Rather than being instantly revived, it now provides an identical effect to the modern day Bishop skill "Heaven's Door" and prevents the death completely, healing the buffed user. Also recovers MP on top of restoring health to 50%.
  • Teleport: Distance: 150 -> 225

Easter Event
During the event, the monsters all around the world will rarely drop an Easter Basket.
Exchange them through Grandpa Moon Bunny in the Free Market or in Temple of Time: Three Doors for Easter themed cosmetic items!
The event will stay active until 01/05/2021.

Added 7 new chairs to the Chair Gachapon - Dragon Egg, Baby Swing, Amorian Loveseat, Red Chair, Green Chair, Yellow Chair, Witch's Broomstick.
Added level 50 Dragon gear to Gachapon as uncommon rewards.

Cash Shop Surprise
Added "Ink-and-Wash Painting Name Tag Ring" to the item pool.
Added "Ink-and-Wash Thought Bubble Ring" to the item pool

Added "Great Chaos Scroll of Goodness 80%" to maker. Requires Maker skill at level 4 to craft.

Added Meister Earring and Meister Ring. They are part of the "Meister Set". Bonuses: +3% Final Damage and +3% Critical Rate per set item equipped. Requires Maker skill at level 4 to craft.
Added Noble Lion King Medal and Royal Lion King Medal. They are used to purchase armors/weapons from the Von Leon coin shops - access them from the entry portal to Von Leon. Requires Maker skill at level 4 to craft.
Added Reverse (level 120) Dragon gear to Maker.
You can disassemble items of any set effect (Meister/Von Leon/Empress) to obtain Primal Essences.

Added "Limit Break" system; talk to "White flowers" NPC in the Free Market to see a list of goals which you can complete for various Ironman-exclusive bonuses. They include extra stats%, attack power, and new skills.
Added new skills unlocked through Limit Break rewards: Master of all Weapons, Achilles++, Hero's Will++, Sharp Eyes++, Advanced Blessing++, Holy Symbol++, Speed Infusion++.
Added sound effects to Ironman skills.
Rewrote skill descriptions in a serious manner.

Ironman skill changes:
  • Blast: Damage: 250% -> 325%. Updated visual appearance. Adjusted hitbox to match visual appearance.
  • Brandish: Updated visual appearance. Adjusted hitbox to match visual appearance.
  • Gains: Added passive +3 attack speed. Added passive 50% resistance to abnormal status effects. Added 90% knockback resistance.
  • Teleport: Decreased minimum delay between uses.

Coke Town
Coke Town is now available as hunting content (levels 150+). You can access it through the Dimensional Mirror or through @go coke. The monsters have been buffed and some of the map layouts have been changed from the original version of Coke Town. Note that the Coke Town quest-line is not present on Windia.
To fight the monsters in Coke Town, your Starforce must accumulate to 25 or higher.
The hidden portals in Coke Town are visible.

Lion King's Castle
Lion King's Castle is now available (levels 215+), as well as a quest chain and Von Leon as a boss. You can access it from El Nath: Wolf Territory II (enter through the the portal at the top) or through @go lion. The quest-line has been streamlined.
To fight the monsters in Lion King's Castle, your Starforce must accumulate to 95 or higher, or 120 to deal damage to Von Leon.
Defeat the corrupted Von Leon to receive a material used to craft a coin to buy items from the Von Leon shop. You may enter the boss fight with up to 6 players. Deal 5% of the boss' health in damage to be eligible for Lion King Medal as a reward!

Gate to the Future
Gate to the Future is now available (levels 225+), 61 new quests have been added and Empress Cygnus as a boss. You can access it from Temple of Time: Three Doors (enter through the left door) or through @go ruins. The quest-line is identical to what it was back in GMS v105, minus mobbing requirements tuned down from 500 monsters to 100 monsters.
To fight the monsters in Henesys Ruins/Dark Ereve/Knight Stronghold, your Starforce must accumulate to 105 or higher, or 130 to deal damage to Empress Cygnus.
You can conquer on Empress Cygnus. Defeat Empress Cygnus to obtain Empress Set gear (armors from the 2nd iteration of the Chief Knights, or weapons from Empress Cygnus) - they are instanced per-class in a similar fashion to Sealed Tyrants, Deimos shields, and materials for crafting items via the Maker Skill. You may enter the boss fight with up to 18 players. Your boss cool-down resets after 3 daily resets rather than 1.

Nett's Pyramid
Implemented Nett's Pyramid party quest.
Access it through "Pyramid Dunes" (from Sunset Road - Sahel 3), the Dimensional Mirror, or @go netts.
Obtain "Pharaoh's Treasure Chest" for every wave finished, and use it for a chance to get great items, including Chaos Scrolls, Rebirth Flames and The Immortal Pharaoh Belt!
The PQ has no try limit and the requirement is being level 90; 2-4 party members.
The PQ is not a copy of the one by Nexon, it is custom.

Dragon Rider Party Quest
Implemented Dragon Rider quest-line, Soaring skill and the party content itself.
Access it through "Crimson Sky Deck" (from Leafre - The Forest That Disappeared) or @go drpq.
Other than the different rewards, the pre-quest and the party quest are 100% identical to GMS. Passive "Sky barrier" damage is unimplemented as it was only added in v88.
The levels of all monsters within the PQ is 170. Completing the party quest will get you a decent amount of EXP; and if you're incredibly lucky - some of the highly demanded items on Windia!
The PQ has no try limit and the requirement is to be level 160, complete the pre-quest; and to have 3-6 eligible party members.

Mu Lung Dojo
The difficulty of Mu Lung Dojo was significantly increased.
Party mode is significantly harder than solo mode.
You will now also receive training points in form of an item - Mu Lung Training Coin.

Talk to Lao in the Mu Lung Dojo Hall to purchase various rewards using the coins. The coins can be traded freely.
The old shop contents still remain, but the ability to reset your training points no longer exists. You can use the new shop to skip the belt upgrade process.
Vanquisher medals now require 10 boss clears rather than 100.
A new medal can be obtained from the new shop, "Absolute". It is a level 200 "Superior" class item and can be upgraded as well as have flames applied to it. It qualifies as "The True Legendary Medal" in regards to boss entry requirement.

  • Added "Pet Equip Hourglass" to Inkwell. The item extends the expiration date of pet equipment by 180 days. It is sold for 5,000 credits.
  • Added missing descriptions to FM NPCs.
  • Added name changes to Inkwell. They are sold for 10,000 credits.
  • Added new pet "Weird Alien" and pet equipment "Alien's Pet".
  • Added monster book cards for Bergamot, Dunas, Aufheben, Oberon, and Nibelung.
  • Appearance of Cash Shop Surprise was updated.
  • Fixed critical passive rate from skills not applying its critical damage addition.
  • Fixed getting abnormal status effects inside Smokescreen.
  • Updated login screen music to "Old Maple" (Chaos update music).
  • Updated physics (fly/swim related) to v84 values.

Skill Changes
  • (Aran: Final Blow) Damage: 550% -> 600%.
  • (Aran: Over Swing - Double Swing) Damage: 170% -> 190%.
  • (Aran: Over Swing - Triple Swing) Damage: 240% -> 265%.
  • (Bishop: Dispel) Removes all abnormal status effects.
  • (Bowmaster: Hurricane) Damage: 200% -> 320%.
  • (Dark Knight: Pole Arm Crusher) Damage: 200% -> 220%.
  • (Dark Knight: Spear Crusher) Damage: 200% -> 220%.
  • (Hero: Brandish) Damage: 420% -> 380%.
  • (Marksman: Piercing Arrow) Monsters hit: 10 -> 8.
  • (Marksman: Snipe) Damage: 295% -> 225%.
  • (Night Lord: Quad Star) Damage: 195% -> 230%.
  • (Night Walker: Penta-star) Damage: 120% -> 110%.
  • (Night Walker: Shade Splitter) Claw Mastery is now respected. Damage: 385% -> 300%.
  • (Paladin: Blast) Damage: 190% -> 130%.
  • (Shadower: Assassinate) Final blow's critical rate: 40% -> 70%. Damage: 600% -> 750%.
  • (Soul Master: Sun Cross) Damage: 280% -> 230%.
  • (Striker: Annihilate) Damage: 350% -> 380%.
  • (Striker: Typhoon) Damage: 440% -> 460%.
  • (Wind Breaker: Spiral Vortex) Damage: 315% -> 290%.

Game Formulas
Reworked stat caps.

Damage calculation:
  • Damage cap: Unchanged (2,147,483,647)
  • Damage range: Now matches up with damage cap
  • Basic stats (STR/DEX/INT/LUK): 32,767 -> 200,000
  • Secondary stats (PAD/MAD): 10,000,000 -> 200,000
  • Mob damage calculation stats (PDD/MDD/ACC/EVA) and movement affecting stats (Speed/Jump): 10,000,000 -> 5,000

Maple Legion:
  • Bonus stats beyond 32,767 are now added passively. They will be reflected in your stats window and damage calculation, but you will not see them on the non-existent second Crusader Codex.

  • Starforce is doubled for overall armors. e.g. a 15-stars overall armor will accumulate to 30 starforce.

There's a new patcher for Windia. It's a lot smarter at deciding when it's time to update your files and it uses newer technologies for the entire process.
Download it from the downloads section of the website.

Client Changes
  • Updated to game version v84.
  • Added "Vertical Sync", it ensures your game's frame rate is synchronized with the display's refresh rate when possible. It's enabled by default. If you want to disable it, open windia.ini and under [Windia], set vsync to 0. When enabled, the fps_max setting is ignored.
  • Added automatic handling for "unspecified error" caused by improper screen resolution being set in the config file. Now the client will detect the best screen resolution that works and use it. It will also alert you about the issue and explain how to apply the changes permanently.
  • Added client chat command /climb, to change the climbing speed on ropes or ladders without using the windia.ini config file.
  • Added custom setting to repeatedly use Flash Jump while holding down the regular jump key. Enable it temporarily through @settings or permanently through windia.ini under the [Windia] section (the setting's name is flash_jump).
  • Added custom setting to set the rope/ladder climbing speed. Change it in windia.ini under the [Windia] section (the setting's name is climb_speed) - possible values are between 3.0 (Nexon's default) and 6.0. Our default value is 4.5.
  • Applied various performance optimizations related to algorithms boosting the stats of certain mobs and maps.
  • At resolutions higher than 800x600, quickslots will now be close to the status bar rather than at the right side of the screen.
  • Backported coin shop functionality from v88.
  • Backported item set bonuses functionality from v88.
  • Boss HP bar now aligns with the screen resolution.
  • Buttons that open a web browser will now open your default web browser rather than Internet Explorer.
  • Capped stats will now display properly.
  • Certain monsters are now properly recognized as bosses.
  • Client is now able to launch when the path to it contains non Latin characters.
  • Client now displays system cursor over the title bar of the game window as well as over custom windows (e.g. Info/Expedition).
  • Client will now play sound when played on Linux under WINE version 5.0.
  • Damage range is now simplified.
  • Expedition window now shows the damage dealt by the expedition member in simplified numbers. e.g. 1,234,567 will show 1.2m, and 2,147,483,647 will show 2.1b.
  • Fixed actionless buffs (e.g. Dash, Shadow Stars/Spirit Javelin and a few more) having built-in no delay. Teleport/movement skills have received 100ms of an internal cooldown rather than MapleStory's stock 200ms. In case of any complaints, don't feel shy to suggest for certain skills to have a lower cooldown or to bypass the cooldown completely.
  • Fixed client sometimes not exiting properly and staying open in background.
  • Fixed concurrency issue with chat message printing.
  • Fixed game crashing upon opening inventory when you came from GMS v216 or newer and had your last opened inventory tab there as "decor".
  • Fixed Monster Magnet miss effect.
  • Fixed random crash upon login, and a random crash upon getting in-game.
  • Fixed weapon charge skills (Paladin's charges, Soul Master's charge, Aran's Ice Charge, Striker's Lightning Charge) being applied to party members.
  • Implemented new item stat "Final Damage on lower level monsters". It is applied when your level is higher than the mob's level.
  • Implemented new item stat "Final Damage". It is applied after all other damage calculations. e.g. 200 damage with +50% of this stat turns into 300 damage.
  • Implemented potion cooldown. It compensates for ping to server as well works as intended for pet auto potion.
  • Improved anticheat.
  • Increased default climbing speed from 3 to 4.5.
  • Login screens have been reworked, thanks to Jane!
  • Login screens now try to adjust themselves to the selected screen resolution.
  • Most of the skill flavor texts (the ones which show the skill's stats and such for its level) were synchronized with the skill's actual stats. My algorithm might have missed a few skills or even outputs wrong data (e.g. "HP -{hpCon}" or "HP -0" instead of "HP -3") - if you see any case like that, do contact me.
  • Mu Lung Dojo boss health bar will now display properly.
  • Mu Lung Dojo health bars/clock are now centered.
  • Race selection screen now correctly displays max level as 255.
  • Reworked custom window styling. (expedition UI, FPS display etc).
  • Reworked Discord game activity integration.
  • Screen effects (e.g. "CLEAR") are now centered.
  • Shortened job names of F/P and I/L mages.
  • Skill flavor texts for magician now show their correct internal "mastery" (which is just the variance in damage) rather than the number made up by whoever wrote the original flavor texts.
  • Skill learn items (mastery books and skill books) will show their raw icon when they are in your inventory.
  • Sound engine was updated. Certain sounds should play better.
  • Startup time has been significantly optimized.
  • The client now displays the map's Starforce requirement in its own UI.
  • The client will now properly display the damage penalty from not meeting the field's Starforce requirements.
  • The title bar now also features a maximize button.
  • Vertical viewport was made higher to better fit the high resolution screen modes as well as other custom resolution mod changes brought up by Foxpat.

Server Changes
  • Updated to game version v84.
  • @sell will not get rid of equipment that can have Platinum Scissors of Karma used on. It will also not get rid of medals, saddles, mounts.
  • @whodrops and @whatdropsfrom now show the drop chance up to the 2nd decimal point.
  • Added "Primal Essence" as a rare drop from Chaos Pink Bean, Kerberos, Von Leon and Empress Cygnus.
  • Added default message for unscripted NPCs with a shop in stock MapleStory data.
  • Added Lao shop NPC to Mu Lung Dojo Hall.
  • Added new @go paths. @go utah teleports you to Farm Entrance. @go coke you to Coke Town. @go lion teleports you to Desolate Moor. @go ruins teleports you to Henesys Ruins. @go honor teleports you to Hall of Honor. @go vonleon teleports you to Audience Room Corridor. @go drpq teleports you to Crimson Sky Dock. @go netts teleports you to Pyramid Dunes.
  • Boss HP bar now disappears after the boss dies.
  • Damage reflection grace period was reduced from 2.5 seconds to 1 second, and it now compensates for your ping.
  • Dispel skill now removes all abnormal status effects.
  • Evan is now a playable character. It counts for Legion. Its starter job class ("Legend (Evan)") will not count towards your Legion levels as you automatically advance to 1st job. Evan's cash books drop from monsters rather than purchased from the cash shop. Use the @whodrops <item name> command to find out. Same applies to the 9th/10th advancement skill books.
  • Evan's questline has been implemented (thanks to Arnah) partially up to level 70. We chose to not implement the rest as it'd make the 250 quests achievement unfairly easy on Evan characters.
  • Fixed "random" disconnection during conversations with "Mother Milk Cow".
  • Fixed a bug causing Mu Lung Dojo instances to not free up after defeating Mu Gong and leaving through the portal.
  • Fixed anti-cheat mistaking you for damage hacking when using Buccaneer/Striker Barrage while not having a weapon equipped.
  • Fixed Black Mage Dark Skelegon monster not giving EXP/drops.
  • Fixed damage desync for Buccaneer/Striker while having no weapon equipped.
  • Fixed damage desync with the server for the last 2 attack lines of Barrage.
  • Fixed disconnections from holding down Flash Jump on staircases.
  • Fixed Equip Enhancement Scrolls being consumed from the first available inventory slot rather than the one you dragged from.
  • Fixed players crashing when other players in the same map follow a certain procedure related to couple/friendship rings.
  • Fixed portal usage sometimes being activated in the wrong map.
  • Fixed reactor objects always facing left, rather than respecting Nexon's level designer decisions.
  • Fixed return NPC in Veracent teleporting you to Henesys rather than the town you entered Veracent from.
  • Future calculated rankings entries for the Overall Rankings and Job Rankings categories will now be sorted by character level, and then by the time and date you last gained a level. Old entries are unaffected. The first player to reach the maximum level for the rankings will permanently stay #1 for the said rankings category assuming they do not have infractions in place for their user account.
  • Future calculated rankings for Maple Legion Rankings category will now be sorted by total account level. and then by the date you last increased your Legion level above the maximum recorded amount of total legion level that your account has. The first player to reach the maximum theoretical Maple Legion total level will permanently stay #1 for the said rankings category assuming they do not have infractions in place for their user account.
  • Going into Dark Sight now forfeits your controller status on monsters.
  • Implemented bundles for item drops. Only used for Dream Stones (in the Empress Cygnus boss fight) as of now.
  • Implemented coin shop functionality.
  • Implemented item set effects.
  • Implemented mob skills "Undead", "Stop Potion", "Stop Motion", "Mob Consume", "User Morph".
  • Implemented multi-day boss cooldowns. Currently only active for Empress Cygnus.
  • Implemented potion cooldowns for fields that have it. (e.g. certain boss fights)
  • Implemented real-time name changes.
  • Monster drops will now display when the mob animation for it being attacked gets applies on your screen rather than as soon as you attack.
  • Ping shown in @check will be more precise now. Yes, it's always divisible by 30ms because that is how frequent the game client performs its internal data updates.
  • Platinum Scissors of Karma can now also be used on Von Leon, and Empress Cygnus equipment.
  • Prepared backend for better scalability.
  • Reimplemented player debuffs.
  • Removed level 250 notice. Level 255 notice still exists.
  • Removed second Crusader Codex. The excess Maple Legion stat past the first codex's 32767 cap is now applied passively, and bypasses the hard limit.
  • Shop coin tokens can now stack up to 9,999 items per slot.
  • Starforce is doubled for overall equipment.
  • The Cygnus Knights' 4th job advancement notification will now only show up between the level-ups of 120 up to 123, and only if you are actually eligible for the advancement (3rd job).

P.S. - Big shoutout to the Tespia members for helping test and balance the new contents thoroughly <3