Update 20/05/2020 - Server maintenance

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Server maintenance for 20/05/2020.
Starts at 16:30/4:30 PM UTC, expected downtime is up to 12 hours (you're not misreading). Finished in 5 hours.

Server changes - the stuff you see:
  • @sell won't sell Starforce enhanced equipment.
  • Fixed disconnection after creating your PIC for the first time.
  • Fixed monster spawn breaking due to concurrency issues.
  • Fixed [Vampire] Long time, Amanda! quest soft-locking you until a re-log/@check.
  • New purchases of Super Megaphone and Item Megaphone won't expire (now you can drop/trade them in specified amounts, and they can be stacked).
  • Major performance and stability changes were applied. Windia should perform faster, be a lot more responsive and handle a much larger userbase with not much sweat. Assuming I'm not talking out of my ass, the changes should also make the server not hit the shitter after 5 days of uptime.
  • Optimized Legion ranking processing time. It now takes 100ms compared to 19 seconds to retrieve them.
  • Rankings will now display users that have been unbanned as well.

And the technical stuff:
  • Backend optimizations related to performance and networking.
  • Server emulator runtime is being updated to a newer version.
  • Server machine is going through an operating system and a complete software update.
  • Significantly improved lag spikes that started after some days of uptime. They're not completely gone but the server pause times should be reduced from 3-4 seconds, to 1-10ms.
  • Significantly improved implementation of calculations related to map footholds. It's 90x~ faster now. Might cause issues but from the limited testing in my local server we've seen a single oddity with the calculation of drop positions, but upon checking again, it now performs correctly like in the official game server, which it didn't do previously.
  • Updated scripting engine. You should feel improvements in response time in regards to interactions with NPCs and portals.

Additional notes:
  • This maintenance includes changes to the dedicated server hosting the game services. Including a full operating system update, changes to existing configurations and more internal stuff. As a result, registrations and voting will be unavailable for the duration of the maintenance (although GTop100 might try to contact us again after the server goes up).
  • Again, the internal changes I had to do for this maintenance are massive and I've only had 3 staff members help me test. I can't guarantee that the server will stay stable or that the issues that caused me to even do the changes to begin with (lag after some uptime) will be permanently fixed, but time will tell..!
  • I'm sure there will be side effects (such as certain NPCs, quests, or even some boss behavior breaking) but I will be able to fix issues as long as they're being reported.
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