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Approximate time for the update to commence is 19/12/2019 - 22:00/10 PM UTC.
Estimated downtime for this update is up to 2 hours. However, it may take less than 2 hours.
New client and game data files will be obtained through the patcher.
This update is the biggest we've had. If there's any critical issue, we might have a hotfix maintenance and possibly a rollback.

  • Christmas event now takes place! It is explained later on in this post.​
  • Hanukkah event now takes place! It is explained later on in this post.​
  • Added "XMAS2019" coupon code to our Selly shop! Use it to receive a 15% discount when shopping for Windia credits.​

All of the above will start being active from the moment the update commences, and will stay active until 01/01/2020 00:00 UTC.

Christmas event now takes place in Windia!
Collect the Christmas wreath items dropped from monsters all around Maple World.
Visit Happyville - The Hill of Christmas map and help decorate the Christmas tree by dropping the item on it!
If you are lucky, you will be awarded Christmas themed cosmetics items, and various other goodies, including Chaos Scroll of Goodness 50%, Equip Enhancement Scroll, Innocence Scroll 20%, and more!

Item reward pool:
  • Innocence Scroll 20%
  • Chaos Scroll of Goodness 50%
  • Equip Enhancement Scroll
  • Eternal Rebirth Flame
  • Chaos Scroll 60%​
  • Christmas Antlers​
  • Christmas Bunny Hat​
  • Christmas Bunny Outfit (F)​
  • Christmas Bunny Outfit (M)​
  • Christmas Casual Outfit​
  • Christmas Hairpin​
  • Christmas Party Suit​
  • Christmas Tree​
  • Christmas Tree Hat​
  • Green Christmas Sock​
  • Maplemas Ham​
  • Maplemas Hat​
  • Maplemas Lights​
  • Maplemas Tree​
  • Navy Christmas Sock​
  • O Maplemas Tree​
  • Powerful Rebirth Flame​
  • Purple Christmas Sock​
  • Red Christmas Sock​
  • Santa Boy Overall​
  • Santa Costume​
  • Santa Girl Boots​
  • Santa Girl Hat​
  • Santa Girl Overall​
  • White Christmas Sock​
  • White Scroll​
  • Yellow Christmas Sock​

We are celebrating Hanukkah as well! For every 1 hour of staying online, you will receive a Hanukkah Present in your inventory (if you have space in your ETC inventory).
You can talk to Hannah in Happyville - Shalom Temple to exchange the Hanukkah Presents for various possible rewards! We have a coin shop in place.

Added Ironman job and Ironman mode, inspired by Ironman from Old School Runescape.
To create an Ironman character, create an explorer character and proceed with the dialog prompt you see as soon as you enter the game.
You must be a level 1 Beginner to advance to Ironman, as well as have a total Maple Legion level of 1,000.
Similarly to Ironman in OSRS, you cannot trade with others by any means. You cannot use the Free Market's trading features, and partying is disabled. Regardless, Ironman is able to perform all party activities alone, including boss raids such as CWKPQ or Boss Rush.
Ironman has a nice set of new, and buffed skills.
Ironman can equip all kinds of equipment without job limitations.
Ironman's damage scales off of STR mainly but may benefit from other stats according to the weapon you equip.
Ironman's skills have a max level of 1 and you gain a skill point once every 20 levels.
You gain 2 levels of Maple Legion per each level of Ironman.
Ironman gains HP on level-up similarly to Warriors.
Ironman automatically obtains level 3 Maker skill, and can craft all items available on Maker regardless of the job requirement.

Note: Ironman is an actual custom job and does not override ANY skill or job in the game, unlike the attempts of other game servers to add new jobs to the game.

Ironman learns the following skills:
  • Slash Blast - Ironman uses his abilities to steal a fu***ng skill from Swordsman. Attacks 15 monsters, dealing 1000% damage. Additional attack range is 500% as long as you hit any first monster.​
  • Teleport - Ironman's giga powers allow you to teleport. Range: 300​
  • Maple Warrior - Unleashes the giga powers of the ironman, to increase the stats of the character. +15% all stat for 900 seconds.​
  • Brandish - Ironman be like "hmmmmm today imma be a Hero my mans", quite literally. Attacks 5 monsters 5 times, dealing 555% damage.​
  • Glass Cannon - "it do be like that sometimes". Attacks 15 monsters twice, inflicting 1337% damage. Cooltime: 15 seconds.​
  • Smite Shield - A shield is placed in front of the Ironman, inflicting lots of damage to monsters. Attacks 15 monsters twice, inflicting 1000% damage. Cooltime: 10 seconds.​
  • Death Star - Ironman throws a giant star in the air to deal significant damage to monsters. Attacks 15 monsters twice, inflicting 1200% damage. Cooltime: 13 seconds.​
  • Giga Adventurer - The Windian Ironman gains the ability to burst all the monsters on the field. For 15 seconds, skills will not enter cooltime. In addition, all skill cooldowns are reset. Cooltime: 90 seconds.​
yes i thought i'm funny writing the descriptions #yolo

Cygnus Knights
This update also introduces Windia's very own custom 4th job advancement for Cygnus Knights!
To proceed with the advancement, talk to Neinheart in Ereve at level 120 as a 3rd job Cygnus Knight. He will explain your new abilities as a 4th job knight and you'll receive a new outfit while proceeding with the job advancement.

Common Skills
All Cygnus Knights learn the following skill:

  • Call of Cygnus - Increase all players' stats within a party by certain percentage. At maximum level: grants +15% to all stats just like Maple Warrior.​

Dawn Warrior
Dawn Warrior advances to a Soul Master, and learns the following skills:

  • Styx Crossing - Focus the soul to strike with force that separates the living from the dead. At maximum level: consumes 20 MP, attacks 15 monsters 6 times dealing 790% damage. Cooltime: 11 seconds.​
  • Solar Pierce - The radiant stun pierces the enemies. At maximum level: consumes 20 MP, attacks 8 monsters 3 times dealing 350% damage.​
  • Sun Cross - Slashes enemies with a cross of light. At maximum level: consumes 20 MP, attacks a monster 4 times dealing 350% damage.​

Blaze Wizard
Blaze Wizard advances to a Flame Wizard, and learns the following skills:
  • Infinity - Enables one to temporarily draw magic powers from sources surrounding the mage and use it in place of one's own MP. At maximum level: For 60 seconds, skills will not consume mana upon usage.​
  • Flame Vortex - Burns enemies with swirling flames. At maximum level: Consumes 55 MP, attacks 5 monsters 3 times dealing 300% damage.​
  • Dragon Blaze - Unleashes the full potential of your flames, overwhelming a single enemy with fire. At maximum level: Consumes 1500 MP, attacks a monster 15 times dealing 400% damage. Cooltime: 10 seconds.​

Wind Archer
Wind Archer advances to a Wind Breaker, and learns the following skills:
  • Absolute Critical - The final advancement of the Wind Breaker allows them to hit right through the monsters. Wind Breaker automatically receives this skill. Critical rate: +20%. Critical damage is increased.​
  • Sharp Eyes - Grants party members the ability to locate enemy weaknesses, and in turn inflict more damage by exploiting them. At maximum level: Consumes 40 MP. For 300 seconds, critical rate is increased by 15% and critical damage is increased by 40%.​
  • Spiraling Vortex - Fires a spiraling shot that drives enemies back. At maximum level: Consumes 35 MP and 2 arrows, attacks up to 6 monsters 5 times, dealing 400% damage.​

Night Walker
Night Walker advances to its 4th job form, and learns the following skills:
  • Spirit Javelin - Attacks a monster using stars out of the currently equipped star. Allows an infinite number of stars to be thrown for a short period of time. At maximum level: Consumes 25 MP. Buff effects apply for 120 seconds. Only consumes 1 throwing star.​
  • Shade Splitter - Spews out shadow clones that hurl throwing stars at enemies in front of you. Unaffected by Shadow Partner. At maximum level: Consumes 25 MP and 3 throwing stars. Attacks up 7 monsters 3 times, dealing 390% damage.​
  • Penta-star - Throws 5 Throwing Stars in a row at the target. Applied damage is calculated like melee attack skills, respecting DEX as well. At maximum level: Consumes 12 MP, deals 120% damage.​

Thunder Breaker
Thunder Breaker advances to a Striker, and learns the following skills:
  • Thunder God - Grants absolute control of thunder and storms. Automatically obtained at job advancement. Critical rate: +30%. Critical damage is increased.​
  • Typhoon - Unleashes the Thunder powers of the Striker to attack multiple monsters on the field. At maximum level: Consumes 50 MP, attacks up to 12 monsters once, dealing 457% damage.​
  • Annihilate - Summons a massive charge of electricity to blast a single enemy in front of you. At maximum level: Consumes 70 MP, deals 576% damage once.​

Note: Some of the showcase videos are not up to date. Certain skills perform a different amount of attacks per skill usage.

Equip Enhancement Scrolls
Equip Enhancement Scrolls are now added into the game, and they will provide your equipment pieces with additional stats upon successful star enhancements.
The success rate for the first star is 75%, and each successful enhancement further reduces the success rate by 5%. Success rate caps out at 10% and cannot go lower than that.
Upon failed enhancement, the star-force on the equipment will be drop by 1.
Not to confuse with Equipment Enhancement in the official game - in Windia, Equip Enhancement Scrolls will not destroy your pieces of equipment!
Additional stats gained from star enhancements are separated from flame stats, but they scale with the equipment's level requirement as well as the stats of the item.
The system applies stats on-the-fly, which means you can gain or lose stats from star-force enhancements if your equipment benefits from the additional stat scaling off of the equipment's stats, if you happen to be upgrading the item using star enhancements before applying scroll upgrades or item level upgrades on the equipment.
The Equip Enhancement Scroll can be obtained from Miu Miu The Traveling Merchant for 175,000,000 Mesos per piece.

The item's star-force enhancements are displayed visually next to the flame stat display:

Innocent Upgrade Items
As a new addition to the upgrade items family, we introduce the Innocence Scroll. Currently available at 20% success rate.
When applied on a piece of equipment, the equipment will be restored to its original state.
To obtain this upgrade item, talk to a pile of pink flowers in the Free Market. The conversion costs 250 White Scroll.

Cash Locker
The cash locker limitation of 120 items per locker was increased within Iron to 960 items, per community feedback on the change.
Internal optimizations have been applied to make this possible once again!

Vote Points Shop
We have noticed that our online user count did not tank very heavily. However, our GTop100 votes have.
We believe the main reason is due to the cash locker limitation, which is now increased once again.
In addition, we have new items for purchase from Agent W; to give players an incentive to vote for us again, as well as make paid features easier to access.

  • 24 Hour VIP Pass (15 VP) - Once purchased, your character can use all character VIP benefits for 24 hours from the moment you purchased the benefit.​
  • One-time Stylist Coupon (Untradable, 20 VP) - You obtain a coupon which can be used to change your style through Big Headward (the Stylist NPC) without having the Stylist membership. The coupon will be consumed upon use.​

Credits Shop
Due to a popular demand from users asking for new ways to spend Windia Credits, we have added new items to the Credits shop (Inkwell).

Chair Gachapon
We now have a Chair Gachapon which contains 209 new chairs, imported from GMS!
The Chair Gachapon only includes brand new chairs.
Not every new chair will work like they work in GMS due to v83 client limitations. This means you won't hear BGM played by chairs, and mounts/skills will not given by having certain chairs.
We haven't added text chairs (e.g. Yu Garden Savior) as you cannot fill in their text in v83.
Chairs which shift your character's position will not do that, as the behavior is not implemented in v83.
There are no jackpots, and each chair has an identical chance to be obtained.
You can use the Chair Gachapon for 5,000 Credits by talking to Inkwell.

You can view this gallery containing a few of the many chairs available!

You can now talk to Inkwell and purchase account-wide access to the newly added @sok command.
Usage of the commannd will automatically apply the Scissors of Karma effect to every eligible piece of equipment in your inventory.
Using the command will not consume any Scissors of Karma items, and you do not need to have them in your possession.

Star Protector Scroll
Inkwell now sells the Star Protector Scroll.
The scroll protects pieces of equipment from losing a star-force enhancement level upon a failed enhancement attempt once.
Any attempt to enhance (whether it is failed or not) will remove the protection effect from the equipment.
Protected items display [p] on their tooltip.
The scroll is sold for 4,000 Credits.

Golden Maple Leaf
Due to a high demand (and now due to Mesos having more value), we've added Golden Maple Leaves to allow trading mesos in high amounts.
You can purchase the item from Miu Miu the Traveling Merchant for 1,100,000,000 and sell it to any NPC shop for 1,000,000,000 Mesos.

Skill Changes
Shout - Damage 500% -> 300%. Range 350% -> 300%. Stun duration 2 -> 1. Delay increased to 900ms.
Brandish - Damage 230% -> 300%.

Blast - Damage 180% -> 200%.

Angel Ray - Damage 420% -> 350%. Attack count 3 -> 2.

Savage Blow - Damage 100% -> 180%. Attack count 8 -> 5.
Assassinate - Damage 475% -> 400%. Critical damage 150% -> 180%. Critical rate 0% -> 40%. Can hit critical damage now, and gets added critical damage from bonuses such as Sharp Eyes or Growing Sylph Ring.

Barrage - Damage 450% -> 600%.
Dragon Strike - Damage 1000% -> 1200%.
Demolition - Damage 500% -> 750%.
Shockwave - Number of lines 1 -> 2.
Backspin Blow - Number of mobs hit 3 -> 6.

Rapid Fire - Damage 250% -> 300%. Does not consume bullets on use.

Night Walker:
Avenger - Damage 130% -> 220%. Attack count 1 -> 2.

Combo Critical - Critical chance per 10 combo 6% -> 3%.
Final Blow - Damage 350% -> 300%.
Server Changes
  • Anticheat changes.​
  • Applied backend performance optimizations.​
  • Cash locker is now limited to 960 items rather than 120.​
  • Changed !notice to use correct chat system message and customized its appearance.​
  • Cleaned up cash shop to not contain items which aren't usable.​
  • Disabled the ability for allowing macroed skills to be executed while the game window is not focused.​
  • Fixed "error code 38" crash related to summons.​
  • Fixed a bug where @vote would redirect you to an incorrect GTop100 page.​
  • Fixed a bug where instances would sometimes not mark you as being removed from them.​
  • Fixed being unable to transfer to another field for up to 5 seconds after closing NPC shops in fields with limitations.​
  • Fixed Cash Gachapon to be 100% GMS-like, and implemented jackpot.​
  • Fixed Hired Merchant item saving when character saving is being processed.​
  • Fixed multiple memory leaks.​
  • Fixed not being to use Spirit Javelin and Shadow Stars under 200 stars.​
  • Fixed stats not being updated properly after AP reset.​
  • Implemented Chair Gachapon.​
  • Implemented Christmas event.​
  • Implemented conversion from level 1 Sylph Ring to 1x Freud's Journal.​
  • Implemented Cygnus Knight 4th job advancement.​
  • Implemented Equip Enhancement Scrolls and star-force enhancements.​
  • Implemented Hanukkah event.​
  • Implemented innocent upgrade items.​
  • Implemented Ironman job and mode.​
  • Implemented y785's scheduler to fix various issues.​
  • Imported many chairs.​
  • Reworked the behavior of Assassinate's skill changes.​
  • Tooltip names are now centered (or rather, padded to the right) like in EMS/KMS.​
  • Updated client protection framework to version​
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