Update 16/07/2021 - Server maintenance


Server maintenance for 16/07/2021.
Starts at 8:15 AM UTC, expected downtime is up to 2 hours but will likely be shorter than that.

Server changes:
  • Added an upper limit of 5 vote rewards per day. They will reset on the daily boss reset (UTC 0:00) alongside GTop100's standard reset.
  • Disconnecting, or leaving the map during Empress Cygnus and Von Leon boss fights will now count as a death.
  • Fixed a bug related to item loss when trading between users; mostly happens with circle rings.
  • Fixed anticheat false positive for certain Chinese applications that interact with the client for IME purposes.
  • Fixed client crashing while using item sort/merge with big cash inventories.
  • Fixed Energy Charge damage desync.
  • Fixed false positive anticheat bans related to item looting without the usage of Item Vacuum.
  • Fixed job rankings (through `@ranks`) not being functional.
  • Fixed lag while looting items with multi-pets when not all pets have the exact same setup of Magic Scales/Wing Boots/Binocular.
  • Fixed Pio's quest in Maple Island only working when you have over 200 money, as well as several other quests that interact with money rewards.
  • Fixed visual bug showing Great Chaos Scroll of Goodness requiring 15x Chaos Scroll of Goodness 50% for its crafting rather than the intended 10x. Functionally, it hasn't changed. It just used to show 15 in the Maker skill window while the actual consumed amount of scrolls was 10.
  • Possibly fixed issues with DPM dummy in FM being pushed to random spots around the map.