Update 12/04/2020 - Unscheduled server maintenance

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Unscheduled server maintenance for 12/04/2020.
Starts at 19:00/7:00 PM UTC, expected downtime is up to 30 minutes, but could take longer than that.
New game data files will be required. You can obtain them through the Windia Patcher.

Server changes:
  • Fixed Tyrant disassembly requiring exactly 8 free slots in your ETC tab.
  • Fixed Tyrant equipment star enhancement gains for INT scaling off of STR's base stat.

Balance changes:
(Wind Breaker) Wind Walk: Duration 20 seconds -> 90 seconds

Client changes:
  • Fixed a compatibility issue with the expedition UI that started within the last maintenance. Due to this, I have to reset all boss entry cooldowns for the day as it's not very realistic to predict who's been affected by the issue and reset the cooldowns selectively.
  • Possibly fixed the "you've been playing MapleStory for X hours" spam when logging in, which happens when your PC is running for over 24 days. Hard to test unfortunately.
  • Reverted a client change that was possibly causing unexpected crashes related to sound effects and implemented an alternate solution.
Not open for further replies.