Update 12/04/2020 - Server maintenance and balancing

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Server maintenance for 12/04/2020.
Starts at 11:00 AM UTC, expected downtime is up to 1 hour, but could take longer than that.
New game data files will be required. You can obtain them through the Windia Patcher.

Server changes:
  • Added Platinum Scissors of Karma. PSoK can be used to make a Superior tagged equipment tradeable one time within the account. Upon use, the Superior tagged item will be sent to your storage. Can be obtained from Agent W for 2 VP. PSoK can be traded between players. https://i.imgur.com/iHdmHmc.png
  • Buffed star enhancement gains for Tyrant capes by 18% for STR/DEX/LUK/W.ATT stats and 29% for INT/M.ATT. This change applies retroactively with no further action needed.
  • Fixed damage anticheat autoban in a rare case.
  • Reduced @goto cooldown for non-VIP members from 2:30 hours to 20 minutes.
  • You can now disassemble Tyrant equipment through Item Maker. You must have enough free slots in your inventories for each of the rewards to disassemble the item. Possible rewards include, and are chosen randomly from this pool: (edit - I messed this up without noticing; make sure you have exactly 8 free ETC slots while doing this or it won't work. will be fixed next restart)
    • Chaos Scroll of Goodness (5 - 40)
    • Chaos Scroll of Goodness (5 - 45)
    • Chaos Scroll of Goodness (10 - 40)
    • Chaos Scroll of Goodness (10 - 45)
    • Vampirish Monster Crystal (15 - 17)
    • Vampirish Monster Crystal (13 - 20)
    • Gachapon Ticket (2500 - 3000)
    • Freud's Journal (1)
    • Red Essence Stone (190 - 220), Blue Essence Stone (190 - 220), Pink Essence Stone (190 - 220), Black Essence Stone (190 - 220)

Balance changes:
(Arch Mage (I/L)) Chain Lightning: Horizontal and vertical bounce ranges have been doubled.
(Bishop) Holy Symbol - Item Drop: New passive skill, unlocks at level 255. When a point is assigned to the skill, party members affected by the Holy Symbol buff will receive a 10% multiplicative drop rate buff. The casting Bishop has to be present in the same map and party as the player who defeats the monster for the effect to be granted. Stacks with every other drop rate modifier; applies to both normal monsters and bosses.
(Buccaneer) Barrage: Damage 600% -> 720%.
(Night Walker) Penta-star: Damage 90% -> 110%.
(Paladin) Blast: Damage 200% -> 190%.
(Shadower) Boomerang Step: Monsters hit 8 -> 12.
(Wind Breaker) Wind Walk: Shoot attacks don't cancel the buff effect. Does not prevent you from using potions.
Client changes:
  • Expedition number formatting will now default to US locale. This should fix display issues.
  • Fixed crashes from various couple chairs.
  • Removed PQ popups.
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Bossing on IL is amazing now. Thank you for that buff Shavit. <3
Will test out HS on Bishop later to see if it works on RTO4.
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