Update 11/06/2020 - Server maintenance and balancing

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Server maintenance for 11/06/2020.
Starts at 07:00 AM UTC, expected downtime is up to 2 hours.

Server changes:
  • @buffme buffs won't show in third-person as they usually cause confusion when checking players for macro usage.
  • Added @vac command to temporarily toggle Item Vacuum on or off. Resets to default (enabled) on login.
  • Completely reworked the buff system (internally). Most issues related to the following buff skills should be fixed: Energy Charge, Dash, Battleship (and other mounts), Speed Infusion, Homing Beacon. As well as the Zombify debuff.
  • Fixed 2 massive memory leaks that were haunting us and went unnoticed since the beta.
  • Fixed a bug causing buff stats to shuffle. An example is using Transformation with the "Pink Bean Squad : Victory" buff causing your speed to skyrocket by 250 when it shouldn't.
  • Fixed another edge case where timing out can cause you to get stuck in-game.
  • Fixed Battleship causing the client to unexpectedly crash when receiving party buffs.
  • Fixed client crashes related to being morphed while having certain buff effects applied (e.g. Dark Sight, Combo Attack).
  • Fixed Dash showing in the buff bar.
  • Fixed debuffs displaying incorrectly from third-person.
  • Fixed Energy Charge aura effect (fully charged) being shown only to the Buccaneer rather than everyone in the map.
  • Fixed Energy Charge charge effect being shown only to the Buccaneer rather than everyone in the map.
  • Fixed Energy Charge crashing other players in the map sometimes.
  • Fixed false detection from movement inspection anticheat when warping out of instances (e.g. leaving from Furious Scarlion/Targa to Entrance to Spooky World).
  • Fixed items losing their [protected] status when applying Scissors of Karma manually on them.
  • Fixed mounts sometimes causing players in the map to either crash or disconnect with "error code 38".
  • Fixed Speed Infusion not having the intended effect for every weapon type.
  • Holy Stone (3rd job advancement) won't consume the Dark Crystal when you fail the test.
  • Internal fixes and optimizations.
  • Possibly fixed a bug where players don't see the respawn prompt after dying.

Client changes:
  • Changed system messages and GM notice text color to white.
  • Fixed bug causing several claw skills (including Shade Splitter) to ignore passive critical rates such as Critical Throw and Growing Sylph Ring.
  • Fixed endless crashing when flying/swimming while wearing Mystery Dice with a knuckle.

Skill changes:
  • (Corsair) Battleship Torpedo: Damage: 800% -> 400%. Attack count: 1 -> 3. Monster hit: 8 -> 9.
  • (Corsair) Battleship: Speed: 80% -> 180%. Jump 100% -> 120%.
  • (Corsair) Rapid Fire: Damage: 130% -> 145%.
  • (Night Lord) Avenger: Damage: 300% -> 350%.
  • (Night Lord) Quad Star: Damage: 180% -> 195%.
  • (Night Walker) Shade Splitter: Monsters hit: 7 -> 10. Now properly accounts for passive critical rate.
  • (Night Walker) Penta-star: Damage: 110% -> 120%.
  • (Shadower) Boomerang Step: Damage: 800% -> 1000%. Animation reworked to fit the "Shadower" theme. Second hit delay: 240ms -> 0ms. Horizontal range: 300px -> 450px. Vertical range: 110px -> 140px. Buffer time: 600ms -> 300ms.

Additional notes:
  • Assuming this update goes right, I feel like this might be the end of the trend where our recent maintenances are towards fixing stability problems.
  • Shout-out to the idiot who wasted their time DDoS attacking the server for 3 days non-stop, therefore amplifying the effect of the memory leaks I mentioned and making me aware of them.
  • There's big content updates on the way. I promise you're not being abandoned. I can't tease a lot yet but the stuff in the works include new areas, a new job, events and some skill tuning. The update is massive so I can't give an ETA, but do know it's being worked on.


Head of Staff
Please note there will be more skill changes coming very soon. The ones this patch are also prone to change, so please set your expectations accordingly.
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