Denied 100% GM Staff Scrolls


perhaps it is not fair?

either we rid of the 100% GM scrolls from gacha
or add 100% GM scrolls for all the weapons

thank you


I think mages are the only ones that get GM staff scrolls along with 30% earring INT scrolls that have the same stats as 10%. While it helps us in the early game, these scrolls are useless to us by mid-late game. Mages also don't have the same formula as weapon attackers (1 magic equals 1 INT whereas 1 attack equals several primary stats for weapon attackers).

At the end, chaos scroll of goodness is pretty much the only scroll that matters across the board anyways; the only exception is mage OA 10% INT scrolls as magic is underpowered. There's no real need for other GM scrolls which is probably why they were not implemented. 😜
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Totally agree with ForgedEvil, these gm scrolls are only for early game. And it will help newcomers to upgrade their mega wands to have some sort of power to farm cog without any additional help. Once their mega can 1 shot ulu, they are capable to get enough chaos to grow other classes for bossing.