Update 07/04/2020 - Server maintenance

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Server maintenance for 07/04/2020.
Starts at 19:30/7:30 PM UTC, expected downtime is up to 30 minutes.

Server changes:
  • As promised, we're going back to 12 channels due to the increase in average online player counts.
  • Vote points shop is receiving a slight overhaul.

Vote points shop:
Due to unfortunate issues with credit purchases that we have no control about, the vote points merchant NPC Agent W now sells more items which were previously exclusive to credits.

  • Item Vacuum (2 hours)'s price was reduced from 6 VP to 2 VP.
  • One-time Stylist Coupon's price was reduced from 20 VP to 16 VP.
  • Character VIP (24 hours)'s price was reduced from 15 VP to 12 VP.

Now available:
  • Item Vacuum (10 hours) is now available for 6 VP.
  • Star Protector Scroll (untradeable, expires after 12 hours upon purchasing) is now available for 10 VP.

Keep in mind that you're allowed to vote 3 times for the same Windia account by using a different device and IP address each time while voting.
Not open for further replies.