Update 01/06/2020 - Server maintenance

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Server maintenance for 01/06/2020.
Starts at 04:20 AM UTC, expected downtime is up to 1:30 hours.

Server changes:
  • Actually applied the change allowing CWKPQ Antellion sigils to be activated by KoC 4th job main attack skills.
  • Added new NPCs to Amherst's potion shop due to an islander's demand (Gachapon, Inkwell, Agent W, Big Headward).
  • Added possible fix for getting stuck as logged in when you DC/time out while having lots of activity in the map.
  • Changed Gachapon NPC in FM to The Great Gigachapon. The NPC is the same but it's visually more appealing.
  • Extended Gachapon item exclusion list from 50 to 100 slots.
  • Fixed a bug causing equips to lose their starforce enhancements and stats when retrieved from Fredrick.
  • Fixed being capped to 1 number under the maximum amount of Gachapon exclusion slots.
  • Made it possible to use Platinum Scissors of Karma on The True Legendary Hero medal and the various Maple Leaf face accessories. The item will be transferred to your storage after you use the scissors.
  • Removed "you have gained X" messages when opening multiple Gachapon tickets.
Not open for further replies.