Update 01/05/2020 - Server maintenance

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Server maintenance for 01/05/2020.
Starts at 19:00/7:00 PM UTC, expected downtime is up to 1 hour.

Server changes:
  • Applied many optimizations to eliminate client lag when looting many mesos bags at once with item Vacuum. There will still be a short "pause" when you loot lots of items at once but it should be much better than before. As a result, the white text saying "You have gained mesos (+....)" will now display the entire amount looted by the Vacuum pulse.
  • Consumable cash items can now be stacked. Their expiration date is rounded up to the next hour on the clock. This only applies to cash items purchased after the maintenance.
  • Fixed a concurrency issue related to reactors.
  • Fixed Platinum Scissors of Karma causing you to soft-lock when using it with Legendary Spirit.
  • Fixed soft-lock when trying to upgrade a Growing Sylph Ring using Legendary Spirit.
  • You cannot sell "currency" items to NPC vendors anymore. This includes White Scroll, Chaos Scroll 60%, Chaos Scroll of Goodness 50%, Innocence Scroll 20%, Maple Leaf, Equip Enhancement Scroll, Star Protector Scroll, Platinum Scissors of Karma, and Rock of Time.

Client changes:
  • Anticheat received a significant rework due to a recent influx of idiots from a certain region-locked private server, trying to vandalize us.
  • Chat background is a bit darker for visibility purposes. Thanks MapleLegends and OldSchoolMaple for the idea. You can change this through chat_bg_opacity in windia.ini under [Visual].
  • Fixed recent "invalid pointer" crashes... I think.
  • FPS display will update more frequently now.

Additional notes:
  • There's recent lag issues, yes. Our hosting provider is having connectivity issues; it's been the same pretty much since the COVID-19 pandemic started and it doesn't seem to get much better. This isn't great news for you guys but I don't want to change host providers due to anonymity reasons, and our current host provider has excellent DDoS mitigation. I can't speak for when this will be fixed. It's not up to us.
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