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    pls drop awp men
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    Make Keyweighting Legitimate (POLL)

    What the fuck
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    @Nekomaki hey scrub

    @Nekomaki hey scrub
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    neither accepted nor denied ToS Display for newcomers

    Offering my opinion but make them maybe check it when they sign up so they have to actually agree to it? Prevents situations where "I did not know the rules because I did not know where they were" bullshit. Edit: oh i'm retarded it exists on the page but maybe just add a check box along with...
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    how can i tell if the forums are up

    how can i tell if the forums are up
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    unfollowed fgt

    unfollowed fgt
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    Update Website update

    thank you shavit very cool.
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    Are the forums up?

    thank u mekonaki. i was not aware
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    Controversial status update

    Controversial status update
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    Let's talk about account sharing and gear rental

    I'm personally vouching for not allowing account sharing purely to avoid situations where legitimate users are banned because rulebreaking users used their account once or twice Giving these people the opportunity to get legitimate users banned in the first place instead of just outright...
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    if gay

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    Update 14/02/2020 - Veracent

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    Resolved Racist remark

    We are taking care of it, thanks for the report.
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    New website features/bugs thread

    The entire WIndia website is going through a rewrite. You can use this thread to report bugs and suggest features specifically related to the site itself. I will update this with a link when a demo of the new site is live.
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