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    Update Welcome to the New Interns

    Hello Windia, Please welcome our two new Interns: @Eludus - INTEludus @boyoh - INTboyoh @Jupiter has also been promoted, but they will be moved back to the position of Game Master due to them being staff here previously. Their in-game name will be GMJupiter. I will be contacting the other...
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    Are the forums up?

    If you're seeing this message, yes, it is.
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    Event Ideas?

    Just wondering. Other than jump quests and hide and seek, would there be any other types of events you guys would like to see?
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    Update Suggestion/Ban Appeal Template Update

    Hello Windia, We've updated our templates for suggestion posts and ban appeal posts. Please refer to the new formats when making new threads in those sections. Suggestions template: Ban Appeal template...
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    IMPORTANT Suggestion Thread Format

    To avoid posts that extremely low effort and generic, please follow this format when posting suggestions. If you do not follow this format, your suggestion will be ignored or automatically denied. Please be detailed with your suggestions. Any suggestion we deem that is low effort (but could be...
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    IMPORTANT What Windia Staff Do

    A lot of people seem to be very misguided as to what staff do here on Windia, so I'd like to make this post to clear up any possible misconceptions. Interns Interns are staff that are on probation. They typically moderate the Discord server as well as in-game while assisting players. In doing...
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    IMPORTANT rls stuff

    give me some ideas for rls. general ideas please, and preferrably nothing pertaining stats, or the gain of stats through rls/real money. current ideas (confirmed to be added): -chair gach (new chairs eventually, just not now) some thoughts floating around: -something to do with nx? idk yet...
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    New recruitment section.

    Check it out here.
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    IMPORTANT Please flair your posts.

    It'll help you and the customer to find things, so please flair your posts with either the buying, selling or trading flair.
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    IMPORTANT Appeal Format. Must follow.

    In order to have your appeal considered, you must follow this format or else we will automatically deny your application. Please make your appeal descriptive. [This format was edited on 2020-04-21 (YYYY-MM-DD)] Name of banned character(s): Have you been banned before? If yes, please link the...