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    Increasing density of monsters at Temple Of Time.

    I really like this suggestion Biggest reason is because the first question new players ask (including myself) is "what character should I main?" And the answer is.. well you need to farm on a mage... then farm on a nw/striker/mm... then boss dpm ranges but warrior is the best... but end game...
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    Alternatives to Mastery Books.

    I did not know that was a gm command - that's pretty cool. Mastery book farming is a fun form of maplestory - I agree. The issue is that many beginning gamers can't get skills they need from bosses. There may be other solutions (ie buying in fm) which reed / async does an amazing job of...
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    Farming location between RTO4 and Vera

    In-game name: Moonbean/Candibean/Snowconebean Description of suggestion: Add a map for that is between RTO4 and Vera By "between" I mean the monster CS drop rate is between the CS drop rates of RTO4 and Vera Purpose of suggestion: - The jump of CS per hour from RTO4 to Vera is a huge jump, and...
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    Extend storekeepers' time in FM

    That makes sense. Would it be possible to have a compromise where FM 1-6 requires 24 hour shop refresh but FM 7-22 allows you to keep the shop up for 7 days? Maybe mushrooms and cafe shops could be coded differently? And mushrooms are FM 1-6 and cafe shops are 7-22? No worries if that's too...
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    Extend storekeepers' time in FM

    In-game name: Moonbean/Candibean/Snowconebean Description of suggestion: Storekeepers last 1 day to 2 weeks, but you need to take the store down and put it back up after 24 hours. This makes sense for servers where FM really shows the market. In Windia, since the currency is cogs, people don't...
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    Improving NX Cash Box System

    I agree it would be great to have a sort function in cash shop but that might be hard since it's a client hack/modification Ssb npc would be amazing if we could open all the cash shop surprise boxes at once!
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    Elegant NX-Cosmetic Management

    I like this idea! Another private server I played and MapleStory M (the mobile game) have a "mannequin" / "style diary" so you can save 4 outfits (including hair and eyes) I would pay 10-30k credits for this to be account wide!
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    Moonbean, Candibean, Snowconebean on Windia 🥰

    Moonbean, Candibean, Snowconebean on Windia 🥰