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    Invalid Harrasment

    Please follow the format.
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    Approved Ban Appeal

    Accepted. You may now create a new account to play.
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    Approved Ban Appeal

    Your appeal has been accepted. Please create a new account to play.
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    Denied Ban Appeal

    Denied. You were banned for evading your ban and attempting to chargeback. As stated in our ToS, your ban will be permanent.
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    Denied ban appel

    Denied because you still believe that your ban is not justified. Please appeal again after 1 week.
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    Denied Account Appeal

    Please stop posting appeals for your banned account. Your account will stay banned. I understand that you're upset because you lost your account vip but that was on you. You decided to break the rules which ended up getting your whole account banned. Everyone else that got banned with vip status...
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    Denied Account Appeal

    Your account will stay permanently banned. If you'd like to know why, please click here. And if you're talking about situations like this, it's because that certain account is a clean account with no mesos, no equips, no legion, etc. They're not getting any special treatment. They also have to...
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    Denied Ban appeal

    Denied. It is your responsibility to read and follow the terms of service. Not knowing the rules does not let you off the hook. You may appeal again.
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    Denied i got banned

    Denied due to not following the format. Please post another appeal with the correct format.
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    Selling S> Gacha tix, 100 for 10m ONLY!

    Don't forget to flair your post!
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    Invalid Lost item during a trade

    Please refrain from posting duplicate threads. Since you posted another thread in the bug reports section, I will be closing this thread.
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    Resolved Trojan During Download

    Yes, flummydummy is correct. It's a false positive just like many other maplestory private servers. Since you'd like to know why, I'm just going to quote Shavit(developer)'s words on here.
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    Resolved Racist remark

    Please follow the format when you report next time. The reported player has been punished. Thank you for the report!
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    Invalid Lost Favourite Item in Newest Patch

    I believe that item has been removed because it was causing bugs/crashes.
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    Resolved Shade splitter bug

    Closed since this is not a bug. Please post in suggestions if you'd like this to be considered.