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    Balance Discussion

    Something like this would be deserving of an entirely new server, not just a simple update.
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    Denied Ban Appeal 19/9/2020

    First of all, it's "2nd", not "2th". Crazy, right? Secondly, it's fine if we don't have people that don't read our Terms of Service not play on our servers. Goodbye, never appeal again.
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    A Couple of Balance Suggestions

    yea dont listen to eludus all he wants is shavit
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    A Couple of Balance Suggestions

    nice suggestions will probably try some of these out in tespia (once it happens)
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    Approved ban appeal BlackDemon

    Fine. I'll allow you to come back just this once. However, if you fail another GM check or lie detector, you will not be allowed back. /accepted
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    Denied Ban =(

    I can't see how you're even able to commit to family if you're just keyweighting on mushroom game. Good luck, man. Don't tell the family.
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    Approved ban appeal BlackDemon

    We have sufficient evidence of you ignoring GM checks. Please tell the truth.
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    Denied Ban =(

    2nd time, not even 2 months. Congratulations? Give me another reason as to why we should let you back.
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    IMPORTANT Time surely flies! - 1 Year Anniversary

    HI Shavit, Thanks so much for the hard work and a lot of time you have devoted to Windia!
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    Approved Ban Appeal

    /accepted Please make a new account to play. If you have any issues with logging in, please directly message a Game Master on Discord or the forums.
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    Make Keyweighting Legitimate (POLL)

    "supplying" the market with currency by more or less invalidating a part of our ToS really isn't the way to go here. if this is the only thing you can think of, then it may be better to just not say anything at all. sorry.
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    Make Keyweighting Legitimate (POLL)

    lookie. (link)
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    Denied Ban appeal 15-08-2020

    /denied Feel free to re-appeal in 2 weeks.
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    Approved Ban appeal

    You'd be surprised. Send screenshots of what you exactly use Macroreader for. I'm interested. Also, as a side note, don't ask anyone to comment on your appeal. It's annoying and it doesn't even concern them. Next time you ask people to write stuff on it, it'll just be ignored.